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Chinese Export Silver Turquoise Fingernail Guard Brooch

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Chinese fingernail guards were ornaments of high status in the Qing dynasty. Long nails on noble women proclaimed their social status as the length of the nails prohibited manual tasks, and they necessarily had servants care for all their needs. These guards served as protectors to the nails, as breakage was seen as a tragedy and bad omen. In addition, the beauty of the guards was another way to bring attention to the high status of the woman wearing them.

This guard has been converted into a brooch, and comes in its original box with silver embroidered lid. The guard is gold vermeil over silver with turquoise cabochons graduated in size. Cloisonne enamel further adorns the guard. This is a beautiful piece. Most likely made for export.

Measures 3.25" x 5/8". The box measures 4" x 1 1/4" x 1".

Very good condition.

Circa 1970s or earlier.

Whether choosing a piece for yourself, or selecting a gift for that special person in your life, vintage jewelry from Rhinestone Byrd reflects quality, and distinctive beauty. Today, when it is so easy to order something generic, vintage says you took time to express your appreciation for nostalgia, quality design and craftsmanship, and timeless fashion.

Each piece is carefully and securely packaged in a gift box, and tied with a satin ribbon. Presented with the care and attention to detail that gift giving deserves.

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Free Shipping to the US.

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