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Customer Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from some of our satisfied shoppers.

Hi Julie,

You are so right regarding this set! It is amazing and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank You so much for the set which was received extremely fast and securely, nicely wrapped---great storage case too. Hope to get by your retail store when I go through Raleigh one of these days. Thanks again.

- Gail W. in Marshallberg, NC

Monte Cristo's and The Rhinestone Byrd are my favorite places to shop for jewelry! I have known Julie for over 10 years and she always has the most unique collection of high quality pieces. I treasure everything I have purchased from her and always make a point of stopping by when in town. She is very knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect piece. If you are in the area, it is well worth the trip!

- Ericka K. in Columbia, MO

I'm just writing to say I love the bracelet. It's awesome. As for packaging feedback, it was above wonderful. I felt like I went to a store and they delivered it to me like I was some one important :) if I ever have any want for jewelry for myself or anyone I know, I will come to you.

Thank you very much!

- Amanda W. in Vancouver WA

Dear Ms. Proctor,

The shipment arrived in two days!

Once again you are tops in value, service and delivery. I never would have found the piece without you, and I appreciate that you saved me the trip to Raleigh.

- Stephen S. in New York, NY