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James Binnion Mokume Gane Sterling Silver Brass Copper Earrings and Brooch

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This beautiful brooch and earring set is designed by mokume-gane pioneer James Binnion. Hand crafted in sterling silver, brass, and copper the laminate detailing has a rich organic feel, like a moment of nature captured forever. Each piece is hand signed by the artist. I contacted the artist to confirm the signature, and the precious metals used, as well as the age of the jewelry.

Mokume-gane is the art of laminating precious metals to produce natural patterns reminiscent of wood grains or rippled sands under a stream. It is an ancient art dating to 17th c. Japan where it was used to adorn Samurai swords and furniture. James Binnion began learning the metal craft and experimenting with modern methods to produce this jewelry in the 1980s. He pioneered the use of the electric kiln in making mokume-gane, and has generously shared his technique with students of metallurgy. James Binnion is considered a master of this beautiful metal art, and founded James Binnion Metal Arts in 1991. He and his wife Terry live in Washington state where he continues crafting his beautiful one of a kind jewelry.

The brooch measures 1 3/4" x 1 3/4". The pierced earrings measure 1 1/2" x 1", not including the ear wire.

Very good condition.

Circa early 1990s.

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