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Old Sterling Sicilian Amulet Charm Necklace

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What a find this incredible piece of jewelry is! The charm holder has the Sicilian lucky number 13 and it suspends ten charms, some to ward off the evil eye or Mal Occhio and bring good luck. The charms include a duck, an ornamented pillow charm, a skull with the number 13 inside, a cornuto (used to ward off the evil eye), a 1 centisimo coin dated 1908 (to bring prosperity and good luck), a monk (possibly a Munich monk), a rooster, a bottomless cup, a nazar (used to ward off the evil eye), and a violin (perhaps sympbolizing that music may always be a part of life?). This is quite an old piece dating to 1915 or so with the patina of wear and age. The charm holder has lost some of its loops and four charms have been attached to a split ring together. The necklace is marked sterling and is 15" long. The charm holder attaches with a spring ring and drops another five inches, including the length of the longest charm. I do not know if the charm holder, chains, and charms are sterling. They are unmarked and too small to risk the discoloration from an acid test. The value of this piece comes from the age and its uniqueness. If you believe in good luck and protection from evil this is a good piece to own!

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